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Foto Artis Seksi Aura Kasih in Popular Magazine - Aura Kasih Biography

Aura Kasih Biography :
Full Name: Sanny Aura Syahrani
Popular Name: Aura Kasih
Place / Date of Birth: Bandung / February 23, 1988
Genre: Pop
Occupation: Singer
Years active: 2008 - present
Label: Universal Music Indonesia
Favorite Books: Secret, You, 18habbits

Favorite Music: Snow Patrol, Coldplay, The Flaming Lips, Keane, fergie,
Oasis, Jewel, Collective Soul, Foo Fighters, Muse, Arcade fire.artic
Monkey, Rihanna, Frank Sinatra, Bounty Killer, Led Zepelin, 311,
BRMC, Baby Charm, Sublime, Madonna

Favorite TV Shows: MTV, travel & living, jack ass

Favorite Movies: City of Angels, If Only, Blood Diamond, the Sex in The
City, Desperate House Wives, Closer, Six Sense, Entourage

Aura Kasih Profile :
Aura Kasih began her career as Miss Indonesia 2007 finalist representing the province of Lampung. Angel Seducer first album is released in the year 2008 with the hits single, Let Love. The song is famous as a singles dance-hall ..

Although Aura Kasih not have a strong vocal quality, but he knows how to "defend itself" in the market competition in the Indonesian music industry. Indeed, he brings a fresh and unique taste in music of Indonesia, Shaggy-style reggae. As one of Indonesian Artist Sexy, appealnya she uses sex to attract more viewers by showing her sexy body and long legs for the audience. Other songs such as Aura Kasih Cinta treasure, crazy about you, Currency Basket, Long Distance and Puncak Asmara.

Aura Kasih begin to be considered as a newcomer to the music scene Air.Si Land-legged ladder section has a unique picture about the music.

"If I was asked to describe my music, my music that evoke the mood. Whatever the mood, "she said during a visit to the editorial SINDO, Wednesday (9 / 7) yesterday. Miss Indonesia 2007 finalist emphasis about the music that feels important because Aura is still much discussed because of her physical appearance. Just be advised, Miss Indonesia 2007 finalist had appearanceyang tempting.

With a height of 171 cm and weight 50 kg, white skin and long hair, it is difficult for the adam to not turn his head or other women's envy is added, the first video clip Let Love that TV stations could be rejected because it was considered too hot. Until recently, physical appearance Aura is still considered more interesting than her music.

"If someone praises my performance with the title pretty or sexy, I still appreciate it. But I want to be known as a singer, musician, "said Aura is now happy to play badminton again it. Although impressed brittle and spoiled, Aura was a man who had a strong determination and attitude to plunge the world sungguhsungguh musik.Itu appeared in her first album "Angel Satan" under the Universal Music Indonesia, which offers music different from the more popular market. Aura that pop music has freshness thanks to bandage-beat dance beat and rhythm that somewhat outside the norm. Lyrics too tempting, to make people curious.

"Cook's song about heartbreak all the difficulties," she said and smiled sweetly. The aura of seriousness was also told that at this time she continued to learn to be a powerful singer. Learn how to perform a good and capable of controlling the audience, if vocal learning, and appreciation for a song. For the Aura, a song is a statement which would be submitted to the public.

Without performances, vocal and proper appreciation, the statement was not up to the public. Seriousness was also apparent when Aura confessed to never refuse an invitation promo album, despite coming from a local radio. In fact, according to her, some local radio better appreciate her as a singer.

"As a newcomer, I really should introduce myself," he explained. Aura relationship with radio is a bit unique. We offer a song, because the judge refused several radio music of stringed Melayu aka Aura smelling dangdut.Tetapi after TV stations often play the clips, now radio is asking a lot to the interview. (Seputar Indonesia)

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